BAR360 is an advisory partner who works with customers to utilize business intelligence and analytics to make informed business decisions through data integration, analysis, and generating business insights. The current Covid-19 crisis has disrupted communities, businesses, and everyone around us. Proper precautions, risk mitigation, and contingency measures are required to be followed to ensure staff and customer safety.

To combat the effects of Covid-19 and support the reopening of businesses, BAR360 has launched two new devices that are capable of conducting contactless temperature checks. Scan36 and Scan36AI are temperature screening devices that do not require any human interaction and uses the latest technology to conduct temperature checks.

Feature And Benefits

    • Contactless:  Scan36 and Scan36AI conduct contactless temperature screening of people entering buildings, cafes, restaurants, schools, offices, casinos, etc.
    • Alerts: The device alerts when abnormal body temperature is detected and acts as a risk mitigation and contingency measure.
    • Fast and Accurate: Both the devices are accurate up to +/- 0.2*C and rapidly detect the temperature.
    • Infrared Thermal Imaging: The device uses infrared thermal imaging to capture the temperature readings.
    • Mobile Application: Get daily reports, alerts, and notifications via the web or mobile application.
    •  Business Continuance: The device enhances the covid safe plan, business continuity, and protects the staff and customers from getting sick.

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